Columbiana County – Salem

Lived in Salem during the Civil War
Joseph Peterson, 4 USCI, 1860 Census, Perry Township
Hospital ticket for Joseph Peterson, 4 USCI

1890 Census
Wilson Lacy, 100 USCI
Joseph Peterson, 4 USCI
Clayton Ragan, 22 USCI

Hope Cemetery
Elias Dunmore, 17 USCI, died August 24, 1900
Joseph (Josiah) Dunmore, 17 USCI
Wilson Lacy, 100 USCI, 1905
John Lewis, 5 USCI
Cyrus C. May, 22 USCI, died February 9, 1904
Wesley Williams, 27 USCI, died June 22, 1890

Grandview Cemetery
Joseph Peterson, 4 USCI, died June 23, 1904

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