54 Massachusetts

Trumbull County – Other Sources

Born in Trumbull County
Charles Titus, 5 USCI

Kinsman – 1850 Census
Charles Titus, 5 USCI

Weathersfield Township – 1860 Census
James H. Bronson, 5 USCI

Enlisted in Trumbull County
James H. Bronson, 5 USCI, July 4, 1863
Charles Croomes, 5 USCI, August 13, 1864, in Warren
Charles A. Garlick, 3 USCHA, March 2, 1865, in Warren
Washington Moore, 5 USCI, August 12, 1863
Benjamin F. Scott, 5 USCI, July 30, 1863
James Webb, 5 USCI, August 11, 1863

The Military History of Ohio…, “Roll of Honor of Ohio’s Rank and File from Trumbull County in the War of the Rebellion,” 1889.… Read more

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Erie County – Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home

1890 Census
Jordon Coleman, 123 USCI
David Darthart, 12 USCI
George Fields, 114 USCI
William Grayson,27 USCI
Daniel Green, 100 USCI
William Hedges , 100 USCI
Emanuel P. Jackson, 55 Massachusetts
William Johnson, 38 USCI
James Malone, U.S. Navy  
Moses Monday, 27 USCI
Wesley Morris, 23 USCI
Jacob W. Reid, 55 Mass
Thomas H. Rhodes, 5 USCHA
Alvin Smith, 27 USCI
Robert Smith, 54 Massachusetts
William Steele , 26 USCI
James H. Taylor, 27 USCI
Gilbert White, 27 USCI
Arthur Williams, 44 USCI

Died at the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, but buried elsewhere
John Simms, 54 Massachusetts, died September 26, 1916 (buried in Cleveland, Ohio)

Buried at the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Cemetery
Robert Anderson, 12 USCHA, died November 9, 1920 – alias Robert M.… Read more

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Darke County – German Township (now Liberty Township)

1890 Census
Zachariah Archey, widow Sarah, 45 USCI
Benjamin F. Goings, 5 USCI
Jesse Lamb, 27 USCI
Alexander V. McCown, widow Nancy, 45 USCI
William H. McCown, 45 USCI
Samuel H. Paxton, 42 USCI
Zebadee Bass, 45 USCI
Sylvester Scott, 28 USCI
Levi Shaffer, 45 USCI
Henry Stokes, former widow Sarah A. Lamb, 45 USCI

Bass Cemetery
Zachariah Archey, 45 USCI, died June 10, 1901
Zebadee Bass, 45 USCI, died July 15, 1925
Benjamin F. Goings, 5 USCI, died 1930
Jesse Lamb, 27 USCI, died January 19, 1904
David McCown, 54 Massachusetts, died November 7, 1886
William H. McCown, 45 USCI, died August 21, 1903
Sylvester Scott, 28 USCI
Henry Stokes, 45 USCI, died December 12, 1864, in Washington, DC

Clemens Cemetery
James Monroe Rickman, 54 Massachusetts
Levi Shaffer, 45 USCI, died February 4, 1908

You can look at the names of the other Black Civil War soldiers, sailors, and veterans
from Darke County, or you can view the Ohio county pages to find African Americans
who served from or lived in the state.… Read more

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Black Veterans at the Ohio Soldier’s and Sailors’ Home

After the Civil War, African Americans who served in the United States Colored Troops and the United States Navy could apply to reside in both federal and state soldiers’ and sailors’ homes. Below is the list of Black veterans who were admitted to the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Sandusky, Ohio, between November 1888 and August 1919.

Cottage I, from Souvenir Book of Views: Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, Sandusky, O.
Sandusky Star-Journal,
July 13, 1901

You can view the admission records on Family Search, “Ohio Soldier Home Records, 1888-1919.” This collection of images comes from 20 volumes that include the records of the first 10,000 residents of the Home.… Read more

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