Gallia County – Gallipolis

Enlisted in Gallipolis
Lindsey Alexander, 44 USCI, February 27, 1865
Elijah Bunch, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864
James Chapman, 27 USCI, March 6, 1864
John Clark, 27 USCI, March 4, 1864
Jessie Collier, 27 USCI, March 4, 1864
George Cordell, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864
William Deed, 27 USCI, March 4, 1864, transferred to 23 USCI
Henry Early, 27 USCI, March 4, 1864
William H. James, 27 USCI, March 4, 1864
Leonard Johnson, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864
Lewis Norris, 27 USCI, March 5, 1864
Franklin Phillips, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864
Jerry Simmons, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864
Rufus Squires, 27 USCI, February 5, 1864
John Stevens, 27 USCI, March 7, 1864
Thomas Stevens, 27 USCI, March 7, 1864
Gabriel Watkins, 5 USCI, August 23, 1863
Isaiah Watkins, 27 USCI, February 19, 1864
John Wilson, 27 USCI, February 29, 1864

1890 Census
Jacob Bennett, 5 USCI
Thomas Bird, widow Cecelia, 27 USCI
Sonnie Brown, 5 USCI
Abraham Dabney, widow Adeline, 17 USCI
Cornelius Davis, 5 USCI
Henry Givens, 5 USCHA
William Goines, 5 USCI
Henry Holmes, 5 Massachusetts Cavalry
Thomas Howell, 27 USCI
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Gallia County – Morgan Township

1890 Census
Elijah Ellison, 51 USCI
William P. Ellison, Navy
William H. James, 27 USCI
Charles H. Jones, 27 USCI
Powell O. Miller, 16 USCI
John H. Wilson, 5 USCI

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Old John Brown GAR Post #450: Oxford, OH, Black Veterans

Hamilton Evening News, May 24, 1929

In May 1884, Black Civil War veterans in Butler County, Ohio, received a charter for the Old John Brown Post# 450. It is believed to be the second African American Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) post recognized in the state. The William Anderson Post # 244 in Washington Court House, Fayette County, was the first in May 1882.

Over the years, the local press in Butler County recognized African American residents for their military service, their roles in the community after the war, and with announcements of their deaths.

  • Peter Bruner, 12 USCHA, born in Kentucky, died in April 1938.
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Black Veterans at the Ohio Soldier’s and Sailors’ Home

After the Civil War, African Americans who served in the United States Colored Troops and the United States Navy could apply to reside in both federal and state soldiers’ and sailors’ homes. Below is the list of Black veterans who were admitted to the Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home in Sandusky, Ohio, between November 1888 and August 1919.

Cottage I, from Souvenir Book of Views: Ohio Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, Sandusky, O.
Sandusky Star-Journal,
July 13, 1901

You can view the admission records on Family Search, “Ohio Soldier Home Records, 1888-1919.” This collection of images comes from 20 volumes that include the records of the first 10,000 residents of the Home.… Read more