Holmes County, Ohio: Black Men in the Civil War

At this time, no Black Civil War soldiers or sailors have been located who were born, lived, enlisted in, or are buried in Holmes County. Several men were credited to the county though to help meet the draft quotas. For example, Henry Garvin, a private in the 27th USCI, was born in the District of Columbia. Garvin enlisted in Columbus, Ohio, in February 1864, just less than one year after his marriage there to Elizabeth Warwick. The forty-two-year-old soldier visited family in Mansfield while on furlough but he and his wife lived in Delaware County, Ohio, after the war. Officials credited Garvin to Salt Creek Township, Holmes County, and the 14th Congressional District, not Franklin or Richland County.

Where is Holmes County?

Ohio Map showing Holmes County

Township Map of Holmes County

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