Old John Brown GAR Post #450: Oxford, OH, Black Veterans

Hamilton Evening News, May 24, 1929

In May 1884, Black Civil War veterans in Butler County, Ohio, received a charter for the Old John Brown Post# 450. It is believed to be the second African American Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) post recognized in the state. The William Anderson Post # 244 in Washington Court House, Fayette County, was the first in May 1882.

Over the years, the local press in Butler County recognized African American residents for their military service, their roles in the community after the war, and with announcements of their deaths.

  • Peter Bruner, 12 USCHA, born in Kentucky, died in April 1938.
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The Civil War Search – did your Ancestors Serve?

“AFRO readers who have in their possession documentary proof or pictures of Civil War veterans are invited to write to: Civil War, AFRO magazine Section.”

Baltimore Afro-American, January 19, 1960

In 1960 editors of the Baltimore Afro-American prepared their readers for the U. S. Civil War centennial commemorations. They asked “survivors” of Civil War veterans, including 8718 soldiers and 640 sailors who had served for Maryland, to share information. The newspaper also printed the rosters of the 4th, 7th, 19th, and 30th United States Colored Infantry (USCI) to help families remember or to determine if they had a relative who had donned the “blue uniform of his country.”… Read more