Trumbull County – Other Sources

Born in Trumbull County
Charles Titus, 5 USCI

Kinsman – 1850 Census
Charles Titus, 5 USCI

Weathersfield Township – 1860 Census
James H. Bronson, 5 USCI

Enlisted in Trumbull County
James H. Bronson, 5 USCI, July 4, 1863
Charles Croomes, 5 USCI, August 13, 1864, in Warren
Charles A. Garlick, 3 USCHA, March 2, 1865, in Warren
Washington Moore, 5 USCI, August 12, 1863
Benjamin F. Scott, 5 USCI, July 30, 1863
James Webb, 5 USCI, August 11, 1863

The Military History of Ohio…, “Roll of Honor of Ohio’s Rank and File from Trumbull County in the War of the Rebellion,” 1889.

Roll of Honor
Abram Herron, 25 USCI
Charles Hill, 12 USCI
J. A. Kelly, 54 Massachusetts
Benj. Morgan, 27 USCI
Ben Scott, 5 USCI

Grand Army of the Republic

Bell Harmon Post, No. 36
Abe Herron, 25 USCI
Charley Hill, 12 USCI
Benjamin Morgan, 27 USCI

Tod Post, No. 29
Charles Gardner, 31 USCI
Isaac Johnson 6 USCI
Thomas Johnson, 127 USCI [Johnston]
Benjamin Jones, 114 USCI
J. A. Kelley, 54 Massachusetts
D. J. Pulley, 4 USCI
S. R. Penney, 3 USCI
James Smith, 55 Massachusetts

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