Wyandot County Sources

The History of Wyandot County, Ohio, 1884, and Past and Present of Wyandot County, Ohio, vol. 1, 1913

Both list “Fifty-fifth Infantry – Company E, I. W. Brickney, color sergeant” under Massachusetts. While there is an Isaiah W. Buckney in Company E of the 55 Massachusetts, there is no evidence that he ever lived in Wyandot County. See Belmont County and Champaign County.   

The Military History of Ohio…, “Roll of Honor of Ohio’s Rank and File from Wyandot County in the War of the Rebellion,” 1886.

Alexander E. Thompson, alias George Williams, 27 USCI

You can look at the names of the other Black Civil War soldiers, sailors, and veterans
from Wyandot County, or you can view the Ohio county pages to find African Americans
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