Geauga County, Ohio:
Black Civil War
Soldiers, Sailors, and Veterans

I have not located any Black Civil War soldiers or sailors who were born, lived, enlisted in, or are buried in Geauga County. Several men were credited to the county though to help meet the draft quotas. For example, Elisha Morris, a private in the 5th USCI, was born in Columbus, Ohio. Morris “joined for duty and enrolled” in Newburgh, Cuyahoga County, in December 1863. Officers wrote on the eighteen-year-old’s volunteer enlistment form “To be credited to Russel Geauga Co C. 9th Dist. O.”

Several men from Geauga County served as officers in the United States Colored Troops. Capt. Cyrus O. Palmer, 12th USCHA, and Levi Patchin, a lieutenant in the 15th USCI, both sent letters to The Jeffersonian Democrat (Chardon, Ohio) during the war. Patchin is buried in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Burton. Eugene E. Kent, a captain in the 18th USCI, was born and raised in Bainbridge, and still resided in the county in 1890. John Fish, who served as a surgeon in the 88th, 81st, and 65th USCI is buried in Maple Shade Cemetery in Auburn Center.

The Jeffersonian Democrat, March 31, 1865

Where is Geauga County?

Ohio Map showing Geauga County

Township Map of Geauga County

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