USCT in Lawrence County, Ohio

Over Memorial Day weekend I will be speaking in Lawrence County, Ohio, about the 27th USCI in Ohio. The General William H. Lytle Camp #10 Department of Ohio Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is holding a ceremony to recognize the installation of new government headstones at the W.D. Kelly cemetery in Ironton. The two soldiers, John Evans and Jefferson Finley, served in the 27th USCI, and some of their descendants will be in attendance.

Here is a list of Black men who lived in Lawrence County before, during, and/or after the war. I will continue to update this list. You can find more information on the Lawrence County page under Ohio’s Black Civil War Soldiers, Sailors and Veterans.

Brown, Austin Co. D (also 100 USCI, Co E )  1890 Ironton  Died 12.2.1896

Black, Alfred
Ferguson, John Co. F      1890 Ironton
Harris, Aaron Co. C         1890 Ironton
Hill, Thomas Co. A          1890 Proctorville
Holt, James
Huckstep, Cornelius Co. G       1890 Ironton
Martin, Jacob
Payne, William H. Co. B           1890 Ironton
Reynolds, Frank Co. A             1890 Ironton
Ward, Soloman Co. D (?)        1890 Ironton
Woodfin, Henry

Boggs, Wilson Co. H               1890 Burlington
Brassfield, John Co. H             1890 Manhattan PO, Fayette
Bryant, George Co. H             1890 Manhattan PO, Fayette
Canute, Tate Co. H                 1890 Ironton
Coleman, Thornton Co. E      1890 Ironton
Crossline, Charles Co. A        1890 Ironton
Harris, Levi B. Co. H               1890 Ironton
Hickman, Joseph
Kerry, Charles
King, Charles Co. A                1890 Proctorville
Reed, John P.
Reed, William H. Co. H          1890 South Point PO, Perry
Roberts, Charles W. Co. H     1890 Burlington PO, Fayette
Roberts W.H.
Royd, Henry
Shelton, Aaron Co. H            1890 Manhattan PO, Fayette
Stewart, R.H.
Stuart, William Co. E             1890 Ironton
Taylor, James Co. B               1890 Ironton
Toms, Edward Co. H             1890 Burlington
Turner, Reddon C. Co. H      1890 Manhattan PO, Fayette

Branch, Henry Co. UN          1890 Ironton     Died 4.4.1882    WD Kelly Cemetery

Harris, Henry Co. A              1890 Ironton Co B?        

Beatty, Robert S.
Black, James W. Co. H         1890 Ironton
Bowers, Moses Co. G          1890 Manhattan PO, Burlington
Breckenridge, Isaac Co G.                                    Died 12.15.1903 in Proctorville
Hall, James W.
Finley, James Co. A             1890 Ironton
Finley, Jefferson
Payne, Americus Co H                            Drafted Ironton                   Died 9.5.1864 City Point
McKeels, Daniel
Wright, James Co. H           1890 (Rite) Sybene PO, Burlington

Photographs by author

Bickley, Nelson Co K           1890 Ironton                                            Died 2.17.1919

Atwell, Samuel G. Co. K      1890 Proctorville       Buried Gallia Co.     Died 3.19.1914
Salley, Shelby Co. K            1890 Ironton             Died 3.6.1900
Smith, Jacob R. Co. K                                           Died 11.6.1865

88 USCI (New)
Howard, Allen Co. A (also Co C, 9 USCHA)         1890 Manhattan PO, Fayette
Powell, Thomas Co. A (Also Co C. 9 USCHA)      1890 Proctorville

100 USCI
West, Perry Co. C                                                 Died 10.31.1912

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